NEWR Energy focuses on developing a balanced approach to solving the energy supply and climate change issues of our century. We combine the latest technologies, expert project management capabilities and the appropriate financial solutions to complete our projects.

We utilize the traditional and alternative energy markets, minimizing risk to design, finance and develop successful energy projects.

NEWR Energy engages some of the most esteemed engineering, construction, project management and operational companies in the world to ensure the continuous success of our projects.

We design, finance and develop our energy projects by translating big ideas into immediate benefits while respecting the environment and the needs of our hosting nations and communities.

  • Utilizing the most efficient energy technologies, one project at a time
  • Energizing our future with diversified sustainable energy resources
  • Creating smart sustainable cities
  • Transforming commercial opportunities into reality
  • Project management, cost control, waste minimization
  • Creating jobs across the globe while respecting the needs of our environment
  • Managing your project risks in a volatile energy market
  • We remove obstacles to help you cross the crater
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